We have a Thyroid and Endocrine Specialist available to help you with your condition.

At the Endocrine Center of Houston, we provide high quality, personalized care offering the most recent techniques and up-to-date practices for Endocrine disorders and thyroid disorders. Our doctors are experienced in their field, allowing for a patient-centered approach to Endocrinology and treatment of thyroid disorders. Our board-certified Endocrine and thyroid specialists are available at 3 convenient locations in Houston, Texas. At the Endocrine Center, we specialize in thyroid conditions, bone disease, pituitary conditions, and diabetes, among others that fall under the Endocrinology umbrella.

The Endocrine Center offers on-site testing, assuring a proper and prompt diagnosis, allowing for the development of a treatment plan. Our dedicated team of doctors will listen to your concerns and symptoms as part of the development of a path forward in our effort to treat you, not just your disease. Every person is unique and will be treated as such. We look forward to working in partnership with you on your path to good health.

Contact us to schedule your appointment with one of our board-certified Endocrinologists and Thyroid Specialists today!

Dr. Al-Karadsheh

Dr. Al-Karadsheh, MD

Dr Michaelis

Dr. Michaelis, MD

Dr. Tung

Dr. Tung, MD

Dr. Ouais

Dr. Ouais, MD

Dr. Mittadodla

Dr. Mittadodla, MD

Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee, MD

Dr. Shipman, MD

Dr. Koshy

Dr. Koshy, MD